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Alpine Lynx
Alpine Lynx-1

Alps, Europe

Common Nicknames

Lynx of the Alps, Alpine cat

Cat (Felis catus)
List of Cat Breeds

The Alpine Lynx is a experimental, partially-wild cat breed from the mountain Alps in Europe.


[1]The Alpine Lynx is short-tailed cat breed that can have either curled or straight ears. They may be either short- or long-haired, and may have tufted toes, and whose back legs are longer than their front legs. It was developed from a cross between a Highlander and a barned Russian White.

It's a domestic cat, but it is bred to resemble the bobcat. Through generations of selective breeding with different breeds of domestic cats, the breed group (Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx, Mohave Bob, and Alpine Lynx) has incorporated many characteristics similar to those of the bobcat.

The head is large but not round, with a full, well-developed muzzle that is almost square in appearance, with prominent whisker pads. The curled ears are smaller than in the Desert Lynx and set wide apart, usually with feathering and tufts on the tip. Ears curl backwards at the tips. The degree of the curl may be slight or extreme, with the tip of the ear actually curling back and touching the back side of the ear. The gene which causes the ear to curl actually hardens the cartilage in the ear and dwarfs the ear size. The gene for curled ears is a dominant gene. Heterochromia is usually common in the breed.

Alpine Lynx-2

One of Kristin Berlo's Alpine Lynxes sunbathing.

These cats were crossed into existing Desert Lynx and Highland Lynx lines. Early breedings suggested that this white gene was a dominant gene, manifesting itself the same as the white gene found in other domestic cats.  As the breed continues to evolve, white cats that would otherwise be registered as Desert Lynx, Highland Lynx, or Mohave Bob may be registered as Alpine Lynx.

The tail may come half way to the ground, or it may be lacking entirely, as in the Manx. It may be full length or any length in between. Alpine Lynx come in one coat color–white.  Early in the development of the breed, the white color came by introducing white cats from what was believed to be an undocumented mating between a domestic female and a large feral white cat which appeared to look like a bobcat.