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American Ringtail
American Ringtail
Alternative Names

Ringtail Sing-a-Ling


United States

Common Nicknames


Cat (Felis catus)
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The American Ringtail cat is not a naturally occurring breed. It was developed through selective breeding in 1998 by Susan Manley in California. This breed is known for its unique genetic trait that results in a tail that curls over its back, which resembles a ring.


This experimental breed started with a rescued cat named Solomon. He was a 2-day-old kitten who was on his own when Susan Manley found him. After he grew up to be 4 weeks old, she noticed that he had a very unique tail that would curl over his back, almost resembling a question mark or a ring shape. They later learned that there was no medical issue or deformity that caused his tail to curl, and the cat seemed perfectly comfortable holding his tail in that position when he was relaxed.

The following year, Susan began a breeding program whose goal was to reproduce more cats with the same curled tail. Gradually, more and more cats in California began having this feature. By 2005, the ringtail cats were bred with purebreds and Domestic Shorthaired cats.

However, this breed of cats is still considered experimental because it is so new. But it is gaining popularity because of the cat's attractive appearance and sweet personality.


American Ringtail cats are very outgoing, friendly, and loyal. They are very affectionate towards their owners and are often shy around strangers. Many people have formed strong bonds with their American Ringtail cat because the cats love to form strong attachments to their owners.

These cats are often very curious and love to explore. You might find them analyzing running water or be constantly looking out windows. They will also hide their food around the house to save it for later. Owners of an American Ringtail should provide lots of toys for their cat to play with to keep it busy and entertained throughout the day.


These cats often have a short coat of fur that is super soft. Some people describe it as feeling plush, velvety, or like silk. When American Ringtail cats are born, their tail is not curly. Instead, it is straight. After they grow, their tail will begin to develop its unique characteristic. The tail is broad at the base, and the rest of the body is very muscular.

American Ringtail cats can come in a variety of colors. Some have tabby patterns or solid color coats. Or they can have a calico or tortie coat or a two color combination. Their eye color can be any shade of green, blue, or gold.