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The Bambino is a small hairless breed of domesticated cat that emerged in in the United States in 2006. This cat is a hybrid of a Sphynx and a Munchkin.


The Bambino is relatively new and is considered a experimental breed. Cat breeders, Stephanie and Pat Osborne crossed the two breeds through selective breeding in the 2000s at the HolyMoly Cattery. In 2005, the first litter of kittens was born.


The Bambino is described as outgoing, gentle and intelligent. Despite its size, they enjoy getting involved in exercise and play. However, they are not suited to play outdoor games due to their skin being very sensitive to the temperature. They are highly interactive with human beings and expect a lot of attention. They are also well-mannered and are very patient with children, making them a good companion.


The Bambino has a unique appearence. They have short legs and huge upright ears, which they get from the Munchkin. Their skin is pink or white like the Spyhnx. While you might think the Bambino is completely bald, it is actually covered in a thin layer of fur that is not immediately obvious. Due to its lack of hair, the Bambino is prone to sun-burn and heat stroke, so it is often necessary to apply a thin layer of sun cream. Some people claim that the Bambino is more vulnerable to back pain like the Dachshund, although unlike the Dachshund, the Bambino has a normal length spinal cord – that is not reduced because of its short legs. Due to the Bambino having a fairly recent history, and with Bambino cats being rare and difficult to acquire, any breed-specific or genetic health conditions are not well documented.


  • Bambino means a small child/baby in Italian.
  • Some of their species have a “lion tail” and a puff on the tail tip.
  • Their wrinkled skin can sometimes feel like chamois.