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Everybody loves cats. I know I love them. It’s also good to make them feel at home. When you are bringing home any furry friend, you should always research how to take care of it before bringing your new furry bestie.

And trying to find the right sources is always very time consuming. Here, this guide will help you understand what to do, and what not to do when bringing home a cat.

Choosing the Right Cat[]

It’s always good to find the best furry friend. They are gonna be, of course, your bestie fur life, so it’s always good to have the right one for you.

First, I would recommend you go to your local shelters. There are so many good kitties at your there who would love loving homes. I have three cats that are rescues (cats from shelters) and they are very happy. I couldn’t ask for better cats.

Anyways, I would recommend a male cat. This is only out of preference, but I feel that they are less pickier than females, and more affectionate. My cat Zoey, is a female long-haired calico, and wants nothing about being snuggled. She loves her food, being pet, and playing. That’s it. But my two cats Marco and Clyde, who are males, are extremely affectionate. Clyde follows me like a dog, and Marco loves to play, and be petted.

I would also recommend an adult cat. Yes, we all love us some kittens. They are adorable, playful, and the most popular when it comes to cat owners. But, there are plenty of adult cats, who are just as lovely as a kitten, and if you don’t want to train them to use the litter box, or if you don’t want all that rambunctious mischief that comes from a kitten, an adult cat is just for you.

A word of advice, just to keep in mind. If you already do have a cat, and are thinking of getting another one, bring your cat with you to meet the one at the shelter/breeder. You don’t want your cat to be upset in its own house, so introducing it before buying can help your cat to not be forced to share its territory with another it doesn’t know. It only results cat fights, and fuzz flying. You also cannot force your cat to like another. If your cat doesn’t like the new one, then don’t buy it (I know it’s torture). It’ll only make your car happier.

What You Need[]

You should know the necessities. Food, water, bowls, cat tree, toys, beds, etc. You get the jest.

You should ask your breeder/shelter what cat food the cat eats. Cats as we all know are picky, so changing their food might result in your cat not eating, and we don’t want that.

When You Bring the Cat Home[]

Finally! Now you have your little darling, and you’ve went through all the steps. What now?

If you have other pets, slowly, and I mean slowly, introduce them. Keep the cat in the kennel, and let the pets sniff between barriers. That helps the cat feel safe, and to prevent any fights. Once you feel that they are fine, let the kitty loose, but with a watchful eye.

You should keep your cat in an area. Close all doors, and confine it to one room. Let it explore the area, find hiding spots, the like. Slowly, you should be able for it to explore the rest of your house.

Always keep in mind that your cat will hide. If they do, and when they do, leave them alone. This is a new place, with new smells, and new territory, and to a cat, that is downright terrifying. It’ll take some time for your cat to adjust, maybe weeks, maybe even months, or maybe just one day. You just gotta let your cat be a cat. And every cat is different, keep in mind that. My cat Marco when I got him walked in like he owned the place. Zoey hid like a hide and seek queen. You just have ti be patient, and let your cat do its thing, by the beat of its own drum.

Keep in Mind[]

Cats are complete gods of agility. They will run, jump, and tumble. But sometimes they will tumble right on your favorite lamp. Or jump on your curtains. Trust me, no matter how perfect they seem, they will ALWAYS find a way to do something bad.

That includes popping out of its litter box. Or peeing. That happens too. Sometimes they’ll take a pop right next to their litter box, which is inches away.

Or scratching the furniture. Or the bed. Or you. Or your new favorite shirt. Or really anything they could find. They’ll bite too.

Or they will completely ignore every single one of their toys, and go in the box at which the toys came from. All that money wasted.

Or attack the Christmas Tree. Or go on the counter and eat your food.

I think you get the point. Nonetheless, this is just your friendly reminder that you should not ever hit, or ever abuse your cat for any little thing. You should also never take your cat back to the shelter just for the fact they scratched your favorite shirt.

Never kick them out of the house. Marco is blind, and was kicked out of the house. That poor cat is the sweetest thing ever, and there is no reason to ever kick a cat out.

You should treat your cat as your most precious friend ever. Cause that’s what they are.


In conclusion, now that you are a complete professional cat owner, who knows everything about owning a cat, I think you are ready to go buy your next new furry friend! Congrats!