A black cat perching on a wire fence

A black cat is a house-cat with black fur. The Bombay, known for its sleek black fur, is an example of a breed of black cat. Most black cats have green eyes. You can easily mistake a tortoiseshell kitten for a black kitten.

The all-black pigmentation is equally prevalent in both male and female cats. In some cultures, black cats are considered good luck, and in others they are considered bad luck. For example, in the United Kingdom, black cats mean good luck; but in the United States many people think they mean bad luck. However many people believe that the cats are all the same and should never be killed during Halloween or be classified as bad.

The wild species example is the black panther. Similar to the black housecat, the black panther is'nt a species, but a melanistic form of a leopard and a jaguar.

Black cats are the hardest cats to find a good home. They are always overlooked, never seen, and often the sweetest cats that have affectionate personalities. Why aren’t they adopted all the time? They are like shadows that are always there, always searching for affection. Halloween, black cats are everywhere. What about the superstition? What is there a superstition in the first place? Also, why are they always viewed negatively and also associated with bad witches. There are good witches like the ones in Harry Potter. Black cats should be adopted more often. A lot of them love to snuggle and purr like almost every cat.

Breeds Edit

American Bobtail

American Curl

American Shorthair

Bombay cat

British Shorthair


Cornish Rex

Devon Rex

Exotic Shorthair

Japanese Bobtail

Maine Coon


Norwegian Forest cat

Ojos Azules

Oriental Longhair

Oriental Shorthair

Persian cat

Ragamuffin cat

Scottish Fold

Selkirk Rex

Siberian cat

Turkish Angora


York chocolate

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