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Common Nicknames

Bramble-furred cat

Cat (Felis catus)
List of Cat Breeds

The Bramble is an experimental, large wire-haired cat breed with a spotted coat pattern. It was derived from crossing the Bengal with brush-coated Peterbalds. It originates from the US and is recognized by the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry.


[1]The Rare and Exotic Feline Registry tells us that this cat breed has a wire coat that is "similar to a wirehaired Fox Terrier dog". They confirm that the breeder used "influences from the Peterbald, Bengal, and a few other breeds".

"The name originates in the short underbrush found, I guess, in Australia. This reflects the cat's wiry coat. The above-mentioned registry says that the coat does not shed. I would have to take issue with that because all domestic cat codes shed hair unless they have no coat at all such as the hairless cats."

The Bramble cat comes in any coat type and color. At their character, they are said to have a strong personality and be people orientated. They've inherited some of the Bengal cat character apparently been described as "fearless". Although it is not clear that that this cat has any Bengal cat genes.

"They are slightly larger than the average domestic cat and more muscular. To me the Bramble looks like a regular domestic cat in size. There are some similarities to the American Wirehair. The Bramble cat is named after the founder Gary Bramlett and for the reason that the coat is wiry. Just to be absolutely precise a bramble bush is a particular type of prickly shrub or bush which is difficult to negotiate if one is inclined to pick fruit from it."