The Canadian Cat Association is a non-profit organization in Canada, whose mission is to "promote the welfare of all cats in Canada", "maintain a registry of pure-bred cats in Canada", and "further the improvement of all breeds of cats in Canada". They are the only pure-bred registry in Canada. Although a small group, they are recognized around the world for the quality of their database.[1]Template:Verify credibility


The Canadian Cat Association was founded in 1960 with the intent to create a registry for Canadian cats, as prior to this, all Canadian cats were registered in the US or Britain.[1]


In general, the association aims to promote cats and their well-being.[2][3]

The association provides breeder referrals, and run various shows across Canada. They also set breed standards, as well as train and license judges for cat shows in Canada. They run various cat shows across Canada, mostly in Ontario and Quebec.[4] The shows not only include classes for purebreds, but have special classes for unpedigreed cats.[5]

Their goals include promoting responsible cat ownership and creating a government lobby group.[6]

There are many clubs across Canada affiliated with the Canadian Cat Association, some of which can be found here.

They also sell calendars featuring winners of their competitions, as well as publishing an annual magazine.[7]


The following is a list of breeds recognised by the Canadian Cat Association:[8]


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