For the safety of your cat, always travel with it in a carrier. Carriers come in several styles. The most economical is a simple cardboard carrier, often available from your vet or pet shop.

Hard plastic or fibreglass carriers last longer, are more secure, easily cleaned and disinfected, and fold away for storage. They are warm and cosy and provide a feeling of security for the kitten.

Cat carrier-front and top openings

Wire carriers are easy to clean and their openness allows for air circulation in the summer, but they can be cold in the winter and provide little refuge for a frightened feline.

Soft-sided carriers are lighter to carry but offer little protection if thrown about in a car accident. Wicker carriers are aesthetically pleasing, but difficult to clean.

While most carriers have a door in the side, some carriers open from top. Carriers come in different sizes so chose a size large enough to be comfortable for your cat when it reaches its adult size. Some carriers come with wheels and over the shoulder straps to make transport easier. A cage cover can be bought to prevent drafts in cold weather.

Train your catEdit

  1. Buy a hard-sided carrier. A dog carrier large enough for your cat to comfortably stand up, turn around and lie down in, with room for a small litter box, is ideal for a long road trip.
  2. Let your cat sniff it out. Place the open carrier in an area where your cat enjoys hanging out. Make it a fixture in her living area. Get your cat used to the carrier by making it a place she enjoys. Feed her treats and play with her in it.
  3. Prep for the trip. Before bringing your cat to the car, place a few layers of puppy pads in the bottom of the carrier. Then, put your cat in the carrier and loosely cover the carrier with a towel.
  4. Sit with your cat. After placing the carrier in the back seat of the car, help relax your cat by sitting next to her and talking softly to her. If she is relaxed, give her treats that she adores.
  5. Go back home. After a few minutes, take your cat back into the house and let her out of the carrier.


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