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Cat eating

A cat eating at it's bowl.

Feeding your cat is one of the most important things that you can do, probably the most important. There are two ways that you feed your cat the this article will discuss.

Free Feeding[]

Free-feeding your cat involves just sitting the food out for your cat to access at any point in the day. This is how most owners feed their cats, however, it defeats the purpose of the cat learning how to hunt as a kitten. How? Well, the cat needs to hunt in order to get the food that it needs. The cat learned this as a kitten. But when you free-feed your cat, your not allowing them to use their hunting skills to get the food, instead, you just sit the food for them to get whenever they want, without the effort. Try feeding them like this instead:

Controlled Feeding[]

Controlled feeding involves you keeping time of when and how much food your cat needs. It also involves making the cat have to do something, and then giving the cat food as a reward. This has been described as the best way to feed your cat as it will teach them that in order to receive what they want, they need to work in order to get it. This also helps them improve their skills in hunting.

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