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This page is info on cat mating. Sometimes, it can be very complicated.

How it Works[]

Since female cats are induced ovulators, the ovaries aren't stimulated to release eggs without the act of breeding with another cat.

Most of the time when cats mate, they don't know each other and don't like them. The male walks toward the female, and often the female will hiss to signal to get away. The male crawls on top of the female and squeezes his legs together. The female on the bottom will shift her paws and sometimes turn over. The male grabs her (with his teeth) by the scruff firmly and gently licks her ears. Then, after a few minutes, the female feels pain so she hisses and scares away the male due to the barbs on the male's penis that painfully scrape the female’s vagina during such copulation, but this is necessary to stimulate ovulation. The male will still want to do it and sometimes tries to crawl back on, but the female attacks him or runs away if he does.


After the mating, the female will roll around and continuously clean and groom herself in unusual places and twist about. This helps get the sperm inside her body to make kittens. Only if a cat successfully mates, she becomes pregnant, which can be notable to their owners if they appear to have a bigger appetite, a growing belly, and swollen mammary glands as glancing signs of pregnancy in that matter, though cats can interestingly exhibit these same changes during what's called a pseudopregnancy, or false pregnancy.


There are other ways they simply mate too. They lick each other which is considered kissing. They also with cuddle and snuggle, twine tails, snd even burying their face into the others’ fur.

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Picture of a female cat and a male cat nudging each other.