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Training a cat

Cats are highly intelligent animals and they can be trained to do many things.[1]


Cats are known for their independence and self-interest. They will resist attempts to train them by punishment, reacting with fear rather than obedience. The result of failure to instill obedience may be that the cat trains the owner, for example, teaching the human to feed it when it complains.[2]

House training[]

Cat training

Cats may be easily trained to use a "kitty litter" box or tray, as this is natural behavior. They may also be trained to use a toilet.[3]

Problem behavior[]

Problem behaviors include scratching, spraying and biting.[1]


A cat may be trained to do tricks such as playing dead or ringing the doorbell.[4]

It often helps to expand upon an activity that the cat appears to do naturally (such as is done with dolphins); for example, a cat that routinely plays with a specific toy with its human may be taught to fetch more easily than the cat who does not seem to care for human interaction when playing.

Cat school[]

There are a few cat schools in the world. Some cat schools train the cats for a few hours.


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