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This official Cats Wiki Image Policy outlines acceptable guidelines for the uploading and usage of images.

Using images

  • Any picture or .gif that is uploaded and has not found a use (either on an user page or in the articles) within 2 days of that picture or .gif being uploaded can, and will be deleted.
  • When the "Upload a new version of this file" function is used to upload a higher quality resolution of a given image file, that image file is to be flagged to the admins so that the older version of that file can be removed from the history stack. In addition, if a higher quality duplicate of an existing file is uploaded under a different filename, the old lower quality file is to be flagged for deletion to prevent image duplication.
  • Size – There is no set size for images on the Cats Wiki, but 250px is preferred.

Uploading images

General notes

  • Images we prefer for use in articles are .jpg or .png files.
  • Gifs and memes shall not be used in articles under any circumstance. They tend to be of low quality and they take away from the formal encyclopedic tone the Cats Wiki is striving for. Users can upload gifs and memes for use in their profile pages. (see the user image section below)
  • Video files shall not be used in articles unless absolutely necessary. YouTube and/or copyrighted videos are not allowed in articles. If any are added, they will be deleted on sight, and the editor who added it shall be given a warning. Any user who takes a homemade cat video and wants to upload it for use in an article will need ask an admin for approval. There will be no guarantee that its use in articles will be approved, but its use in the user’s profile page is allowed, provided the user page file limit has not been exceeded. (see the user image section below)
  • Do not upload duplicates of images. All duplicates will be deleted. If you are unsure if an image has been uploaded before, you can search for it by going to Special:FileDuplicateSearch.
  • Do not upload any pornographic images or images containing inappropriate language. Doing so will result in immediate deletion of the image, and the uploader will be blocked without warning.
  • Only upload images you intend to use. If images are not used within two days, they will be deleted. You are welcome to re-add the images if you find a use for them.
    • The Cats Wiki has had issues in which some users will upload large amounts of files and not use them for anything. They were generally cat related, but were not suitable for use in articles, (ie: memes, gif files, and YouTube videos) therefore, did nothing more than take up space. We consider that an abuse of the file upload function: an action that can lead to a block. The duration of the block is up to the admin’s discretion based on the frequency and severity of the abuse of the upload function.


  • Images are to be free of errors where possible.
  • Uploading poor images will result in a {{Poor quality}} tag being added.

File name

The filename should be descriptive of what the image actually depicts or is used for. Long strings of numbers or gibberish constitutes bad file names. However, file names that are vague in what the image is used for are also bad. An example of this would be naming a file Puma.jpg, when the use of the image is to give image of the species. This is because it is necessary to keep images clearly separated from each other, so users can search for the image by its file name. If it has a poor filename, duplicates are likely to be uploaded.

Since blacklisted feature have been added to the wiki, all poor filename will not be able to uploaded here. 

Example of Poor Filenames:
Example of Good Filenames:
Maine Coon.png

User page images

The Cats Wiki allows users to upload no more than ten files solely for use on their profiles, and that all such files shall be tagged with {{User Image}}. User images which are also present in articles as well as those found in userbox templates do not count toward this limit. Blog images are also excluded from this limit, although they must be tagged with the {{Blog Image}} template.

Legal tagging

All images that are uploaded for use in articles must be marked with the {{Fairuse}} tag and fair use rationale. Those that are not may be marked for deletion with the {{No license}} or {{No rationale}} tags.

With very few acceptions, copyrighted images should be avoided. We do cover some copyrighted material such as Garfield, Grumpy Cat and Li’l Bub. For the time being, however, only admins are allowed to upload copyrighted images for use in those articles.


Do not replace an image by uploading one with the same filename. Do not overwrite an existing image. Upload all images under a new filename. This is because the new image may have a different fair use rationale that may be needed, the image may link to multiple pages and the image may not need to be changed on all pages.

The only time when it is acceptable to replace an image with a new one is if you are uploading a fairly identical image of higher quality.


Images will be marked for deletion if they are unused, have no foreseeable use, and/or violate any of the policies listed above. If you upload an image for use on your user page, but choose to no longer use it, tag it for deletion by using the {{delete}} template.

Any user is welcome to add the {{No license}}, {{No rationale}}, {{Poor filename}}, {{Poor quality}} and {{delete}} tags to images to get an administrator's attention on an image that violates the policies outlined above.


Violators of this policy will be given initial warnings, while continued violations will result in a block of the users account.

Questions about this policy, or about any warnings or blocks received as a violation of this policy should be directed to an Administrator.

  • Images with the {{No rationale}}, or {{No license}} must be fixed within 24 hours, or, in the case of a {{Poor filename}}, have an admin fix the problem before their photo is deleted.