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The Cheetoh cat incorporates the distinctive spotted coat characteristics from both the Ocicat and the Bengal breeds, notably that of harnessing the pronounced spotting from the Bengal breed and the taller longer legged stature from the Ocicat breed. The goal of the Cheetoh breeding program was to create a very intelligent cat that is considerably larger with an extraordinary wild look without adding more wild blood. Its main distinguishing characteristics, apart from its spots and sleek, plush, velvety coat, is its low shouldered "wildcat" walk. Males grow to around 15-22 lbs. Females are slightly smaller and seldom reach more than 15 lbs.

They are currently bred in six color varieties: the Black/Brown Spotted Sienna, the Black/Brown Spotted Gold, the Black Spotted Smoke, the Black Spotted Silver,  Brown Spotted, Silver Spotted, Cinnamon Spotted, Brown Marbled, Blue Marbled, Snow with both spots or marble patterned coat,and the Lynx Pointed Gold Spotted.

Breed attributes include a super affectionate nature and real love for their human companions, great deal of intelligence with the ability to learn quickly and a keen instinct to hunt.

The Cheetoh Cat is also extremely intelligent, very curious and quite dog-like in their ways. CHEETOH’S are a sweet natured lap cat that look wild but have a dependable docile nature and can be trusted around anyone, especially children.

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Cheetoh as mix cat from a hybrid has great abilities for the breed to have in its life.

Swimmer: As part Bengal cat from the leopard cat was still pass on to joy swimming.

Speed and Agility: Like typical cat as for cheethoh cat can run very fast as sprinter for over 30mph for shirt distance but being more of hybrid can run further. As for agility its shows to be great agile for making spin and that loves to jump on high for getting to high places.



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