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Colorpoint Shorthair
Flame Point Siamese

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Cat (Felis catus)
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The Colorpoint Shorthair is a very unique type of shorthaired cat that has very large ears.


Colorpoint Shorthairs are described by many cat critics as "beautiful, wonderful, and gorgeous!" The strangely long cat has a long neck, long tail, long body, long longs- except for the goregous coat which lies close to the skin. Colorpoint Shorthair eyes are medium-sized, and are usually almond-shaped. The most beautiful eye color, many owners say, is blue, which gives one the impression of a crystal in the cat's eyes.


Colorpoint Shorthairs are outgoing, people-oriented, and very social. Like the Turkish Angora, these cats are acrobatic and athletic. Most Colorpoints are intelligent, affectionate, curious, loving, fun, inquisitive, and gentle. Colorpoint Shorthairs are usually extremely attached to their owners and demand most of their owners' attention.


Colorpoint Shorthairs are not exactly couch potatoes. They are always up to something mischievous, be it climbing a bookcase, sneaking into a closet, or knocking something over. Also, Colorpoint Shorthairs can be very vocal- not as vocal as the Siamese, but more vocal than most cats.


Colorpoint Shorthairs require almost no grooming. These unique little kitties shed very little during the year and will sometimes shed a bit. However, it is recommended to give Boots a daily brushing to grab any loose hairs that might end up on your jacket. Ears- that's a different story. Colorpoint Shorthair cats' ears can become waxy and gunky and may need additional cleaning as needed. Colorpoint Shorthairs are just like any other cat- their nails need to be clipped accordingly.

Point ColorsEdit

The Colorpoint Shorthair comes in a variety of point colors. They include: Red Point, Cream Point, Cinnamon Point, Fawn Point, Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, Lilac Point, Lynx Point (in any of the colors), Tortie Point (in any of the colors), and Torbie Point (in any of the colors). If a solid pointed kitten is born from "Colorpoint Siamese" parents, it is Registered as a "Colorpoint Siamese," because genetically that it what it is.


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