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For threatened species and species believed to have become extinct after 1500, the categories are based on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources) Red List 1994 or 2001 categories. Such species should be classified using the criteria directly using the most up-to-date database.


PE and PEW (Probably Extinct and Probably Extinct in the Wild) are not official IUCN categories, but PE has been adopted by Birdlife International, and the terms appear within the IUCN Red List entries.
EX = Extinct
EW = Extinct in the wild
CR = Critically Endangered
EN = Endangered
VU = Vulnerable
NT = Near Threatened
LC = Least Concern
DD = Data deficient
NE = Not evaluated
PE = Probably extinct (informal)
PEW = Probably extinct in the wild (informal)

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