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Flame point Siamese lying down


The Flame Point or Red Point is a rare breed that originated from the United Kingdom. It is one of the six Siamese Points.


It's said that in the 1930s Siamese cats would breed with red tabby cats or British shorthair cats with the orange gene. It would later take decades of selective breeding to form a flame point. In 1948, British breeder Nora Archer, with help from other breeders, started working with the Siamese breed to create flame points. Miss Ray, another breeder, worked to establish a flame pointed breed, eliminating tabby stripes and in having it recognized by cat registries. Since then, flame points have become a popular Siamese color but are still hard to acquire.


The Flame Point breed is one of the six Siamese Points, closely related to the Cream Point. They are white with orange markings on their face, tail, ears, and paws. They have pointed ears with long, thick tails.  


They are known to be very affectionate, playful, intelligent, and love people. Flame point cats, like siamese, have a vast variety of meows, over 100 different types.

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