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Flame Point
Flame Point Cat
A Flame Point Siamese
Alternative Names

Red Point


United Kingdom

Cat (Felis catus)
List of Cat Breeds

The flame point, or red point, is a rare cat coat coloration that originated in the United Kingdom. It is one of the six Siamese points.


In 1948, British breeder Nora Archer, with help from other breeders, started working with the Siamese breed to create flame points. Miss Ray, another breeder, worked to establish a flame-pointed breed, eliminating tabby stripes and having it recognized by cat registries. Since then, flame points have become a popular Siamese color but are still hard to acquire. The flame point can also be found on the Ragdoll breed of cats.


The flame point is one of the six Siamese points, closely related to the cream point. They have a creamy white coat, with slightly orange markings on their face, tail, ears, and paws, as well as small parts generally on their body. This thus gives them the name "flame" point.


The flame point color configuration can be found on the following 2 cat breeds:

  • Siamese
  • Ragdoll