Canada, Quebec

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Exotic Fold

Cat (Felis catus)
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The Foldex is a medium sized cat breed. It comes in all colours, and has the body of an Exotic shorthair, but the ears of a Scottish fold.

As its name suggests, it is a crossbreed between the Scottish fold and Exotic shorthair


The foldex has an adorable appearance. They are a medium sized cat, with a round face, folded ears, and short legs. Some are long-haired, and some are short-haired. Their ears are smooth and have smooth-edged tips. Their fur is smooth.

They look a little like the Scottish fold, but have the appearance of the exotic shorthair.


Foldex cats are very sweet, are active, cheerful, and enjoy being petted. They will approach people who come near by.

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  • The size of a Foldex's nose is in-between the Scottish fold's and exotic shorthair's.
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