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Kanaani adult standing straight, tail upward.


Common Nicknames

Germany stripes, Kaanaa-nie

Cat (Felis catus)
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The Kanaani is an experimental domesticated cat breed that was bred in Germany. It is not to be confused with a Sokoke, Serengeti, California Spangled, nor a Bristol due to similar appearances.


[1][2]The Kanaani is an experimental, hybrid feline breed ticked from Bavaria, Germany. Though it seems to have originated in Jerusalem at the Ha Jeruschalmi Cattery in the 1990s. The area’s local African Wildcats were bred with domesticated house cats, or otherwise given the fact it is also a deliberate cross between a Bengal and a Abyssinian, though yet they resemble a Ocicat, but the goal was to give it a temperament that would be suitable for a domestic environment. The word "kanaani" means "Canaanite" and the Canaanite people are an historical biblical people from the Gaza Strip, Israel, West Bank, and Lebanon.

The Kanaani cat is agile, playful, and athletic, as well as highly intelligent and affectionate. They love to jump so if you want a cat with a soothing, unjumpy personality, than this breed will disappoint you, giving their love for climbing trees and resting on the most high places. Kanaanis still have wild instincts shared from wildcats so they aren't exactly suitable with households of small children.

The Kanaani is an fault under the World Cat Federation (WCF) standard if the Kanaani cat is oriental in appearance.