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The kinkalow is a rare cat breed that originated in the United States. It is a hybrid between the American Curl and Munchkin gene.[1]


The kinkalow took root in the mid-1990's when a cat breeder, named Terri Haris, paired two types of felines; the Munchkin and American Curl, just to see what kind of kittens they would produce. The kittens turned out how she wanted them to. They inherited the Muchkin's short legs and American Curl's curled ears.

There isn't much information about what happened next.

Personality Edit

A kinkalow is a playful and curious cat, who can enjoy many active cat toys. Even though a kinkalow has short legs, you may see him/her jumping on to counters and high places.

A kinkalow is great choice for younger kids because they aren't aggressive, or attention demanding.

Appearance Edit

As mentioned, the kinkalow is breeded from the American Curl and Munchkin. Because of his/her munchkin parent, the kinkalow is short and weighs only half of most other cat breeds. When a kinkalow is born, they are born with straight ears, but curl in into a crescent shape as they grow older, which are inherited from the American Curl.

Trivia Edit

  • Not all kinkalows are born with curled ears
  • Kinkalows are energetic, but they aren't as talkative.
  • They range from 3 to 7 pounds.
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