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A meow is the vocalization of cats.

Why do cats meow?[]

It is rare for you to hear a cat meow to another cat, usually cats meow only to people. The most common reason cats meow is to say "hello" to people, but cats have many more reasons they meow including "feed me", "pet me", or "let me out". Cats can make at least 16 different meows.

How to tell apart a cats different meows[]

Try to learn your cats meows in different situations. What does their meow sound like when you walk into the room they are in? How is their meow different when they want food? You can try to record your cats meows and take notes on the situation so that soon you will know the difference between "let me outside!" and play with me!".

Different cat noises and their meaning[]

  • Chattering - cats chatter their teeth when they are frustrated, for example when they cannot catch the bird right outside the window.
  • Hissing/spitting - cats hiss as a warning to scare off any potential threat.
  • Yowling - cats usually yowl when they are angry. feral cats yowl at one another to defend their territory or fight for mates.
  • Purring - cats purr when they are content and/or happy. But cats can also purr when they are sick/injured, stressed, or in need of company.