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Pedigree Cats

A pedigree for cats is a document that shows the ancestry of a particular cat, similar to a family tree. It typically includes several generations of ancestors, detailing their names, color patterns, and any titles or achievements they may have, such as show awards or championships. Pedigrees are important in breeding programs to track genetic traits and ensure the health and quality of the offspring. They are usually maintained by breeders and organizations that register pedigreed cats, like cat fancy associations.


Pedigreed cats are generally more expensive than non-pedigreed or mixed breed cats. This occurs for several reasons:

  1. Breeding and Care Costs: Breeders of pedigreed cats invest significant time, effort, and resources into breeding programs. This includes selecting quality breeding pairs, ensuring proper care for the kittens and adult cats, and often includes veterinary expenses for health checks, vaccinations, and sometimes specialized care.
  2. Quality Assurance: Pedigreed cats cine from documented lineage that is carefully selected to maintain breed standards. Breeders aim to produce cats that exhibit desirable traits such as specific coat colors, patterns, and conformations. This selective breeding requires expertise and adherence to breed standards, which can increase the cost.
  3. Registration and Certification: Pedigreed cats are typically registered with cat breed registries or associations, which involves additional costs for pedigree certifications and registration fees. These associations often uphold standards of breeding ethics and animal welfare, which also contribute to the cost.
  4. Demand and Rarity: Some pedigreed cat breeds are rarer or more popular than others, influencing their market value. Breeds with limited numbers or those that are highly sought after may command higher prices due to supply and demand dynamics.
  5. Show Quality and Titles: Pedigreed cats that have won awards or titles in cat shows may be more expensive due to their demonstrated quality and achievements.