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Poodle Cat
Poodle cat
A baby Poodle cat.


Common Nicknames


Cat (Felis catus)
List of Cat Breeds

The Poodle Cat (Pudelkatze) was developed by Rosemarie Wolf, a German Scottish Fold breeder, in 1987 (a date of 1994 is also given) in Starnberg, Germany from crossing Devon Rexes to Scottish Folds. It was a large, healthy cat with folded ears and a curly coat resembling lambswool. It was chunkier than the Devon Rex and had a denser coat. German legislation prohibiting the breeding of cats with defects, such as the skeletal defect associated with Scottish Folds, curtailed the breeding program in Germany, but there is interest in "Poodle cats" elsewhere in Europe.

There were indications that the next stage of development would be to use Manx cats to introduce the tailless trait, but most breeders were firmly against mixing together two genes that produced skeletal effects.