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About Cats

The Domestic Cat (or simply "cat", although the term can refer to all felids) is a small carnivorous mammal descended from the Desert Wildcat. The cat is a skilled predator and intelligent animal, known to hunt over 1,000 species for food, and capable of being trained (and learning by itself) to obey simple commands and manipulate simple mechanisms (see cat intelligence). It has lived in close association with humans for at least 9,500 years, figuring prominently in the mythology and legends of several cultures. (Read more here)

Selected breed

The Siberian is a recognized breed of cat, with most cat organizations accepting Siberians of any color (including color points) for competition. Known to be an exceptionally high jumper, the Siberian is a strong and powerfully built cat, with well proportioned characteristics that include strong hindquarters and large stomachs. Siberians are generally intelligent, playful, affectionate and loyal, leading many to describe their character as dog like. The breed can be seen in Russian paintings and writings hundreds of years old. (Read more)

Selected article

A bicolor cat has white fur combined with fur of some other colour, for example black or tabby. There are various patterns of bicolor cat. These range from Van pattern (colour on the crown of the head and the tail only) through to solid colour with a throat locket.

Where there is low-to-medium grade white spotting limited to the face, paws, throat and chest of an otherwise black cat, they are known in the United States as a tuxedo cat. High grade bicolor results in Van-pattern cats. There are many patterns between such as cap-and-saddle, mask-and-mantle and magpie (more randomly splashed). Bicolors are found in many breeds as well as being common in domestic longhair cats and domestic shorthair cats.

Solid color bicolor cats occur because there is a white spotting gene present along with a recessive allele of the agouti gene, which evens out the usual striped pattern of the colors of the coat. (read more)

Did you know

  • ...that an odd-eyed cat is a cat with one blue eye and one green, orange or yellow eye, a feline form of heterochromia?
  • ...that after receiving global media attention for pulling her kittens out of a burning garage, Scarlett the cat and her kittens received 7000 adoption requests?
  • ...that a polydactyl cat (pictured) is a cat that has more than the usual number of toes on one or all of its paws?
  • ...that the practice of taking cats aboard ships (pictured) dates back to the Ancient Egyptians?
  • ...that in cat coat genetics, two different X-chromosome alleles must be expressed to create a calico?
  • ...that the average lifespan of a feral cat who survives kittenhood is two years, compared to 16 years for house cats?

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