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Raising a litter of kittens is an amazing experience, both challenging and beautiful. The Queen may get defensive of her litter if she doesn't know you, but if you raised her, she may invite you into her place of raising.

Supplies Needed[]

  • A Towel or Blanket
  • A Sheltered, warm area that is inviting and dimly or not at all lit
  • A clean pair of scissors, if anything goes wrong
  • Plastic or Rubber Gloves, for handling kittens before a three week limit
  • Kitten Formula - NO COW MILK 
  • A box that is large enough for the Queen and suckling kittens

How to Support your Queen[]

Ask any mother, raising children is beautiful but tiring. But if your Queen shows no sign of emotional distress, leave her alone. You can just help relax your queen by stroking her and letting her lick you. Don't let your queen breed if she is too young. Let each kitten get to know you when it is time and your Queen accepts you. Remember that the Queen will do something if something is wrong and you should not play mommy with them.

Raising the Kittens[]

If your kittens drag their legs behind them, just let them grow, with a little time, they will develop. Also, a way to test your kitten's reflexes is to lay it on its back in your hands, if it flips over, it has well developed reflexes. Newborn cats are born blind, so they need to be kept somewhere safe. It is best for them to be kept away from other pets or children for the first 1-2 weeks after their birth.