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Seal Point
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Alternative Names

Siamese Seal Point Cat

Cat (Felis catus)
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Seal Point is one of the six Siamese colors. It is the darker version, and is closely related to Chocolate Point. It has grey, akin to the colour of a seal, hence its name, point colours. There are several other cats who also have seal points as a colour.


A seal point cat has a tan-beige colored upper body and dark brown legs, ears, and tail. The paw pads and nose will be the same dark brown as its legs, ears, and tail, and it will have blue eyes.

Seal point may look similar to two other color points, chocolate point and tortie point. A chocolate point cat has a different shade of limbs; milk chocolate compared to the dark brown shown in the picture. The tortie point has orange and brown colors on limbs and mottled paw pads, compared to the plain brown ones of a seal point.