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Shorthair Smoke
Shorthair Smoke
The very rare breed being displayed on a certain newspaper topica, talking about the cat itself briefly.
Common Nicknames

“Brown” Shorthair Smoke

Cat (Felis catus)
List of Cat Breeds

The Shorthair Smoke is an experimental, lost cat breed that supposedly hasn't been given much information and background behind it.


There is no other information on this breed. It was not advertised as Domestic Shorthair, the name used for American Shorthair prior to 1966. However it's description was simply stated as "A rare breed. Brown Shorthair Smokes before unknown. Slender bid, amber eyes. Exquisite. Exotic. Mrs. Y, C. Morris, 140 Maiden Lane. EX, 2-5502." on the newspaper announcer San Francisco Examiner on November 22, 1953, reportedly.[1]