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A young Skookum kitten sitting.

United States

Common Nicknames

Sheep cat

Cat (Felis catus)
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The Skookum is an experimental cat breed which was bred in the United States.


[1]Skookums are a stubbed-legged type of cat breed with curly, sheep-like fur, where it's nickname was derived from. It is made from crossing the Munchkin with the LaPerm. This breed originates in the US and was previously known as the SaMerm. It is recognized by the Dwarf Cat Association (TDCA).[2]

Thanks to its short stature, endearing personality, and curly fur, the Skookum is playfully referred to as the Shirley Temple of the feline world. It's development began in United States in the 1990s. Roy Galusha, a cat breeder, was the first person to start crossing an female Munchkin cat, with an male LaPerm together; the result was a new adorable cat breed that featured curly hair on a small body, so more breeders stepped in to continue working on the development of this breed.

Skookum cats are known for their happy-go-lucky, calm, and confident personality. They are intelligent, athletic, and sweet, and they make wonderful family pets for those who are searching for an active cat who will be glad to spend time in your lap as well as amuse you with his fun-loving nature.

These playful, energetic, and curious kitties thoroughly enjoy spending time with people, so you should ensure that you have enough time to devote to this cat before bringing one home. Skookums, who have been described as remaining kitten-like even into adulthood, will gladly show you loads of affection, especially when they are given plenty of love in return. In addition to being a lightweight companion, the Skookum cat is also short and stocky, and you will notice that the front legs are shorter than the cat’s hind legs. This stature causes these cats to remain lower to the ground. However, when bred properly, the body structure should not inhibit the cat’s ability to quickly and easily get around like any other kitty; Overall, the body and the neck of a Skookum cat will appear thick, and the chest is rounded. The body also has good musculature, and it will not look elongated. Also, the feet will be compact and rounded.

Another distinguishing feature is the Skookum’s curly coat, and females may have looser curls within their fur compared with males. The coat could range from short to long, and it can be described as having a light and airy, as well as soft, texture. Even the eyebrows and whiskers are curled, giving this cat a truly unique look.

Also, the luxurious looking tail can be described as having a pom-pom on the end. It tapers from the base to a rounded tip, and it is considered plumed because the fur is thick and fluffy. These kitties also feature pointed, large ears on a broad, modified wedge-shaped head that features rounded contours. The eyes are described as walnut shaped, and they are medium to large in size, making them appear expressive.