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Tasman Manx
Tasman Manx
A Tasman Manx kitten.
Alternative Names

Kucing Tasman


New Zealand

Common Nicknames

Tasman cat, Manx of Tasman

Cat (Felis catus)
List of Cat Breeds

The Tasman Manx is a very rare cat breed from a late Tasman island(s) in New Zealand, and there are fewer than 20 of them in the world. They are one of the few extinct cat breeds with the Rex mutation that are an equivalent to the Manx.


Not much information regarding Tasman Manxes has been revealed to the public domain, as they are a exotically rare cat breed only bred in one of two places, however, there is an excerpt of little information regarding the breed's history:[1]

"The Tasman Manx cat is believed to have originated hundreds of years ago in late Tasman, New Zealand. Since many trade ships docked on the Isle, and all had ship cats, it is hard to tell just what the parent cat really was. Obviously, both longhair and shorthair were represented in the original mutation, but many longhairs were seen on the isle along with the shorthairs. Records have been found from Tasman that describe the cat as a mutation of the island's domestic cats. It is believed that the island cats were involved. Since the Manx (or tailless) gene is dominant, kittens that inherit it can have a full tail, a short tail, a rump rise, or no tail at all. Breeders have found that it is possible to have all these tail lengths in one litter."