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Thurston Waffles (Thurston Matt Waffles, 2007 - 8th September 2022) was a cat that became the subject of popular memes, and was known for his distinctive and unusual meows.

Thurston Waffles

An image of Thurston.

Early Life[]

Thurston was born in 2007 in North Dakota. Little is known about his early life, though there are reports that he was rescued from a shelter.


Thurston first saw an appearance on the platform, Vine, in 2013 when he was 6 years old.

His journey to fame began on October 27th, 2016, which was when his post on Instagram was uploaded in dedication to him. His existence would remain mostly quiet until the next few years or so.

Around 2019, the cat saw massive strides in popularity and began to have a public name. Images of Thurston went viral on meme platforms in the years after 2019. He saw another wave of popularity in 2021.


In August 2022, Thuston sustained a sinus infection which was not improving. His veterinarians suspected either that or issues with his teeth.

Upon doing a dental, the vets found that were no abscessed teeth however they had found a mass. The owners, Shelia and Matt agreed to a CAT scan and the radiologists confirmed that Thurston had nasal cancer. The next day, his illness "went into overdrive" and he became extremely sick and did not respond to antibiotics, his owners tried to make everything as "normal as possible" in his last days.

Thurston Waffles died on the 8th September 2022.


News of his death triggered a global outcry in the meme and cat community; however, it was overshadowed by the death of the Queen of England who passed on the same day.

If the Queen had not died that day, his death would likely have made international news. At its peak, 1 in every 30 memes on the popular subreddit, r/memes were dedicated to Thurston and his legacy.