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Turkish Vankedisi
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White Turkish Van

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Cat (Felis catus)
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The Turkish Vankedisi is a breed name accepted by some cat registries to refer to the Van Kedisi and pure white versions of the Turkish Van.


The Vankedisi is alike in all ways to the Turkish Van apart from its colouration. A normal mating to produce Turkish Vankedisi kittens would be between a Turkish Van and a Turkish Vankedisi.


In Turkey the all-white Van Kedisi has always been the most highly prized, even more so than the more familiar van pattern, with its coloured patches on the head and tail. Due to the severe restrictions placed on the export of these highly prized cats very few ever left Turkey. However, in the early 1990s, Lois Miles succeeded in obtaining written permission from the Turkish authorities to bring a white, odd-eyed female to the U.K. The most sought-after is an odd-eyed white cat, but blue-eyed cats are also seen as special. The variety was given recognition by the GCCF in 2006 and by TICA in 2007.

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