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Hei, I'm Ðe C@ Master, the sole staff member/editor on this wiki. I am an LGBTQ+ human who lives with three awesome kittehs. (see gallery below) I could claim I own them, but as anybody who lives with cats probably knows, they own their humans.

I adopted this wiki after seeing the sorry state it was in. Little by little I will do what needs to be done to bring it up to a higher standard. Unfortunately, work and other RL obligations have to come first, so it may take some time before this is the finest repository of information on domestic and wild cats on the internet. ATM, my main goal is to develop policies and guidelines for the wiki as they weren’t very concise before.

If you need help with editing, or want to know what you can do to help improve the wiki, you can always hit me up in my message wall. I will make it a point to offer assistance. Messages I receive not related to the wiki may go unanswered. If I’m in the mood, however, I may respond to non-wiki related messages.


In order bring a sense of professionalism here, some things must be done. Much of this will take time to complete.

  • Categorize article images.
  • Delete unused and low quality image files.
  • Rename bad image file names.
  • Develop a manual of style, and media policy.
  • Expand stub articles.
    • This is the most important, but will take a while as I will need numerous sources, and I will not cut/paste Wikipedia.
  • Restore and/or remove dead links in References sections.
  • Some articles appear to have been cut/pasted directly from Wikipedia; links and all. These articles should be rewritten. Until that can happen, add {{Attention}} template to the top of the pages.
  • Delete pop-culture cat pages.
    • This wiki shouldn’t really focus on that, and only concentrate on domestic cats, wild cats, cat care and health, and cat fancy associations for now. Grumpy Cat and Garfield will be acceptions due to their widespread recognition. All other articles about cats owned by celebrities, cat themed video games, cat characters in movies, tv shows and video games, cat memes, etc., will not be accepted at this time. I will, however, determine on a case-by-case basis.
  • Clear candidates for deletion.
  • Delete all video files as they will no longer be allowed here, unless there is a damn good reason for them.
  • Article comments to be disabled due to low-effort and cheesy posts; ie, I have a siamese!, or awww soooo cuuuute! etc.
    • Articles will now have talk pages open. However, they will only serve the purpose of discussing article maintenance.
      • If you want to talk about about your pets, or the cuteness of kitties, the discussions forums are the place to go.

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