All wild cats, including big cats, small wild cats and wildcats, are members of the carnivore order and felidae family, which are biological classifications. Members of the felidae family are called felids.

Big CatsEdit

# Species Habitat Image
01 Lion
Panthera leo
Western India, semidesert and upland areas of Africa. African lion king-wide
02 Tiger
Panthera tigris
Mangrove forests and jungles in Eastern and Southern Asia. Sumatran-Tiger-Hero
03 Jaguar
Panthera onca
Swamplands and forest streams in Central and South America. Jaguar wallpaper
04 Leopard
Panthera pardus
Savannahs and deserts in sub-Saharan Africa to rainforests in small parts of Western and Central Asia. Leopard wallpaper
05 Snow Leopard
Uncia uncia
Mountainous areas of Central Asia. Snow leopard wallpaper
06 Clouded Leopard
Neofelis nebulosa
Cloud forests and Himalayan foothills in Southeast Asia Clouded leopard
07 Cheetah
Acinonyx jubatus
Savannahs in sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and Southern Asia. Cheetahs

Small Cats of EuropeEdit

# Species Habitat Image
01 Eurasian Lynx
Lynx lynx
Boreal forests in Europe and Central Asia. Eurasian lynx
02 Iberian Lynx
Lynx pardinus
Woodlands in the Iberian Peninsula. Iberian Lynx
03 European Wildcat
Felis silvestris silvestris
Forests and grasslands throughout Europe. European Wildcat

Small Cats of the AmericasEdit

# Species Habitat Image
01 Puma
Felis concolor Linnaeus
Rocky open plains in North and South America. Puma-Jumping
02 Canadian Lynx
Lynx canadensis
Dense boreal forests from Canada to Alaska. Canada-Lynx
03 Ocelot
Leopardus pardalis
Rainforests and grasslands in Southwestern United States to Central and South America. Ocelot-small cats
04 Oncilla
Leopardus tigrinus
A variety of forests from Costa Rica to Argentina. [[Image:|150px]]
05 Margay
Leopardus wiedii
Tropical forests from Mexico through Central and South America east of the Andes to Argentina. [[Image:|150px]]
06 Kodkod
Leopardus guigna
Deciduous forests and scrublands to the Andes in Chile and Argentina. [[Image:|150px]]
07 Jaguarundi
Puma yagouaroundi
Variety of habitats from arid thorn forests to swampy grasslands in South America, Central America, Texas and southern Arizona. [[Image:|150px]]
08 Andean Mountain Cat
Leopardus jacobitus
Southern Andes Mountains. [[Image:|150px]]
09 Bobcat
Lynx rufus
Forests, deserts, swamps and suburban areas throughout North America to Mexico. [[Image:|150px]]
10 Pampas Cat
Leopardus pajeros
Grasslands, humid forests, swamps and deserts in Southern South America.

Image =

11 Geoffroy's Cat
Leopardus geoffroy
Scrubby woodlands and dry forests in the Southern tip of South America. [[Image:|150px]]

Small Cats of AsiaEdit

# Species Habitat Image
01 Asiatic Golden Cat
Pardofelis temminckii
Forests from eastern Nepal to south China and Indonesia. [[Image:|150px]]
02 Pallas Cat
Felis manul
Rocky steppes throughout Central Asia to western Iran and China. [[Image:|150px]]
03 Jungle Cat
Felis chaus
Swamps and wetlands in Southwest Asia, Central Asia to China. [[Image:|150px]]
05 Fishing Cat
Prionailurus viverrinus
Wetland habitats in Southeast Asia, in western India to southern China. [[Image:|150px]]
06 Flat-headed Cat
Prionailurus planiceps
Swampy rainforests in southern Thailand and on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. Flat-headed Cat
07 Leopard Cat
Prionailurus bengalensis
Shrublands and forests in South and East Asia. [[Image:|150px]]
08 Marbled Cat
Pardofelis marmorata
Eastern Himalayan foothills in southwest China to tropical forests in Sumatra and Borneo. [[Image:|150px]]
09 Chinese Desert Cat
Felis bieti
Steppe grasslands in the North-eastern edge of Tibetan Plateau in China. [[Image:|150px]]
10 Iriomote Cat
Prionailurus iriomotensis
Iriomote Island, Japan [[Image:|150px]]
11 Bay Cat
Pardofelis badia
Lowland and upland forests in Borneo. [[Image:|150px]]
12 Rusty Spotted Cat
Prionailurus rubiginosus
Moist forests in Sri Lanka and India. [[Image:|150px]]

Small Cats of AfricaEdit

# Species Habitat Image
01 African Golden Cat
Profelis aurata
The equatorial jungles of Senegal, Kenya and northern Angola. [[Image:|150px]]
02 Serval
Leptailurus serval
Found widely throughout Africa and is abundant in areas south of the Sahara. Serval
03 Caracal
Felis caracal
Savannahs and woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East and Southwest Asia. [[Image:|150px]]
04 African Wildcat
Felis silvestris lybica
Sandy deserts and savannahs in East and South Africa. [[Image:|150px]]
05 Sand Cat
Felis margarita
Sahara and Arabian deserts in Northern Africa and South-eastern Asia. Sand cat at bristol zoo
06 Black-Footed Cat
Felis nigripes
Grass and desert plains in Southern Africa. Felis nigripes black footed cat


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